News about HeresHistoryKent

Kent Archaeological Society

Kent Archaeological Society(KAS) and Kent History and Library Centre(KHLC) are discussing the best way that the HeresHistoryKent website can continue following changes in the support of this important resource by KCC.

The website was created by Ian Coulson during 2006-8 and he had already taken initial steps for KAS to take over the management of the content before his untimely death in December 2015. This was followed by information that KCC Education IT would no long support the content management system used to provide this resource. This has  meant that urgent steps were needed to be taken to safeguard the content for future re-use . This step has been completed. The next  activity will be to re-purpose the content into a WordPress site, which is current being tested, and then to review the content contained in over 900 pages to make sure the content remains appropriate. Online publication will requires agreement between KAS & KHLC.

The content was prepared by a number of colleagues and associates of Ian Coulson, unfortunately KAS has not been able to trace any documentation about who and under what arrangements this content was prepared. If you, or you know of anyone who contributed to please contact